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Terms of Use

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Terms & Conditions



Reservations are not confirmed until a payment is received. Full payment is due at the time of booking.



You will be able to reserve and book your rental or tour online at our website You then will be sent a confirmation email of your reservation and payment along with details of the rental or tour. If you pay online or phone you will automatically be charged the balance of your rental or tour reservation. Finally, we accept checks (USA banks only) and traveler’s checks, but these require additional time for postage and for the payment to clear.



Due to the unfortunate outbreak of the COVID-19 and the global effect this outbreak has had on travel and tourism, Hidden Canyon Kayak is implementing a temporary cancellation policy in order to curb the effect this outbreak will have on our small business.

Anyone who must cancel their current booking will be issued a credit for the full purchase price, to book a future tour. This credit will be available for up to 2 years. At this time due to COVID19, Hidden Canyon Kayak will not be issuing refunds for tours or rentals unless the tour or rental is cancelled due to inclement or dangerous weather.



Daytrips and overnight tours can accommodate up to 30 people. Trips are open to multiple parties in combination unless a specific request is made when you book a tour. On overnight tours, additional parties requesting to join an existing tour will be communicated with the initial booking party to ensure the two group's interests, abilities, and backgrounds are a good match.



Half Day tours normally use sit on top kayaks. Full Day and Overnight tours normally use sit inside touring kayaks in the spring and sit-on-top kayaks in the summer and fall. Double kayaks are faster and are more stable. Single kayaks offer more freedom and usually more room for stuff. We use a combination based on the destination and group. If you have a preference, please let us know. Youth rates require the use of double kayaks.


All meals are provided and include items such as breakfast burritos for breakfast, hogie bread sandwiches for lunch, and barbeque chicken with sides for dinner. Dietary restrictions should be explained as soon as possible. Drinks include coffee, tea, lemonade, and water. Snacks include apples, granola bars, and trail mix.


There are no toilet facilities on the lake. A camp toilet will be provided. If the trip calls for camping in areas with very little space, a privacy tent will be provided. After a brief training session, it is expected that participants setup their own tents and look after their personal gear. It is also expected that participants will, when it is safe, help lift and carry kayaks.


The pace and daily schedule will be determined by the tour chosen, the group's capabilities and interests, and conditions. For a general overview of distances covered, please refer to tour descriptions in the "tours" section. For most people with a moderate level of fitness, a pace of 2 miles per hour is typical. If you have questions about physical requirements or the suitability of a tour, please contact us.



Your guide will bring a cell phone and SPOT emergency distress signal device in case of emergency. Cell service is spotty and the SPOT device is a tool of last resort. Please provide us with any pertinent medical information prior to departure. If somebody doesn't know how to swim or panics when in the water, please let us know. Your guide will carry a small first aid kit and is certified in wilderness first aid.


While people often worry about encounters with animals such as rattlesnakes and scorpions, dangerous encounters are extremely unlikely. The most common health issue is dehydration and sunburn, so cover up and drink lots of water. After that, slips and falls on the rocks and injuries to the feet are the most likely, so be careful when exploring on land or in shallow water. Any severe allergies (bee stings, nuts, etc) should be communicated to the office when the tour is reserved.


While capsizing a kayak is unlikely, it is a scenario you must be ready for. Your guide will give you advice on how to be more stable in the kayak. Loading the kayak correctly will help a great deal too. When stopping for rests, we will "raft up" for more stability when conditions dictate. When it is getting rough and windy, we will get off the water. In the event of a capsize, your guide will give instructions and assist you back inside, then help pump some of the water out of your cockpit until enough is removed to get you safely to shore. Even with assistance it takes some physical strength to re-enter a kayak. If you are unable to easily exit the deep end of a swimming pool without using a ladder, please let our office know.


While trips to Lake Powell are issue-free the vast majority of the time, please be aware of the potential dangers of lightning, flash floods, cold water, and delayed access to emergency services. These will all be explained in greater detail by your guide. If you have specific concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our office.



Most situations just call for common sense. There are, however, a few rules required to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip for everyone:

• On our tours, lifejacket use is required whenever in a boat.

• Swimming alone is prohibited. Always make sure your tour leader knows where you are swimming and stay within sight. The tour leader reserves the right to make lifejacket use mandatory for swimming. Only ledges approved by the tour leader may be jumped from into the lake and will never exceed 15'.

• Participants must make every effort to stay within communication range of the guide while on the water and follow whatever requests are made, usually concerning navigation or safety.

• No smoking in or near tents.

• No use of illegal drugs. No use of alcohol until the group is off the water for the day.

• Leave No Trace principles will be explained and enforced.

• A signed release of liability form is required before trip departure.

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